User Interface


The <Tldraw> component has a prop, onUiEvent, that the user interface will call when certain events occur.

function Example() {
  function handleEvent(name, data) {
    // do something with the event

  return (
    <Tldraw onUiEvent={handleEvent}/>

The onUiEvent callback is called with the name of the event as a string and an object with information about the event's source (e.g. menu or context-menu) and possibly other data specific to each event, such as the direction in an align-shapes event.

Note that onUiEvent is only called when interacting with the user interface. It is not called when running commands manually against the app, e.g. editor.alignShapes() will not call onUiEvent.

See the tldraw repository for an example of how to customize tldraw's user interface.

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Last edited on 22 March 2023